Thursday, July 30, 2009

jason mraz im yours (cover) by kyarichio

time to update my blog~!...2 days ago my college's new cafeteria opened and it was AWESOME MAN!!!we dun have to walk under the hot sun for lunch anymore so wat a relieve!! on tuesday as usual me n my college frens went out for lunch and we went to the new cafeteria!!!we tried the food and the drinks thr and the food is hella cheap man!!!just one packet of nasilemak and one cup of milo-ice cost me only RM2.20!!! most of the food thr are malay food and indian ffod so YESH!!!MY FAVOURITE ....*i hope they will have nasi kandar sooner or later:P:P
so after lunch i went to the toilet and again the toilet is very nice !!!it's very nicely decorated i snapped a few pics and showed it to my frens and surprisingly they went to check it out too....unfortunately one of my fren went to the male toilet and he said that the toilet still has no changes.. i guess priority was given to the ladies*no offence....the facilities in my new college are awesome ..the first floor is still to be renovated ..i hope it will be as nice as its cafeteria...

my college new cafeteria..i love the heading x-treme cafe

it even has a TV...the wires are not connected yet so no TV at the moment..*sigh

It's a two storey cafeteria~!!Amazing right?

the second level of the's not open yet so i cant go up and take pics...

the ceiling....i just love it...

i love the shape of the basin....

so yesterday after college xm came to my house and taught me how to solve my muted F-chord and the strumming pattern for jason mraz's im yours ..and even taught me how to transpose the song to a higher key as the original chords are quite low and i cant sing them....i've uploaded the song so i hope u guys will enjoy it.....

*i dun go for guitar lessons so pls understand that my playing may not be as gud as others and so is my singing....pls tell me wat do ya think bout it k...
im trying to learn love story by taylor swift,bunkface's situasi and inside my heaven by carrie underwood...i hope i can upload them ASAP......signing off now till then take care and byebye

Sunday, July 19, 2009


well well well..bon odori 2009...hmm..wasnt as fun as last year's but it's the day kick started like this im supposed to meet up with weifernn at 730pm but it dragged till 830pm y??BECUZ OF THE TRAFFIC!!!*sigh!!!and partly because i came out from my house quite late as usual la.due to the traffic my dad have to drop us somewhere around explanade and we have to walk thr by ourselves..after that we started searching for weifernn...but at least this is better than last year cuz my sis followed me this year so it's more secured unlike last year where i have to search everywhere for her by finally tada...we found her finally ...and she was wearing a kimono!!!well at first when she called me and told me that she's goin 2 wear a kimono i thought it was a joke cuz last year she said she wanna wear it also but ppk in the end...ok moving after wandering around in explanade i told her that i wanna tryout the haunted house as last year the q was quite long so ......haihs...but this year we managed to enter jeng jeng jeng
and this is wat happened
carrie:oh shit la...our turn d..let me stand in the centre
caryn :no..i wanna stand in the centre the youngest so let me stand la....
carrie caryn :NO!!!
yes..we're arguing bout who's goin to stand in the centre and the result is the elder i get to stand in the centre !!YESH!!!
so when we were about to enter the house,jackson came..after saying hi we entered the house of darkness *well it's not exactly dark anyway:P where skulls and voodoo dolls're hanging on the ceiling with blood stained cloths everywhere as we were walking suddenly 'ju-on' popped out from nowhere and the 3 of us screamed like hell but caryn managed to conquer her fear instead she even told this to the ghost'yeala very funny la ..very pretty aso hor??? she took the lead in the end and i was hugging her tightly with my eyes closed with weifernn pulling my bag and shirt tightly behind me....alot of NGs happened when we were in the house thats why it took us more that 6-7 mins to get out of the house when it's only 2 or 3mins......bla blah blah....we managed to survive from the hanuted house* the three of us met up with jackson.and the four of us were complaining on how hot it' we went to search for FANS!!!the one where it has the word BON ODORI on it..but i dunno how we ended sitiing on the table LOL somehow my sis looked prety sad...then after that jackson told us that the statue man's the four of decided to check it out when we bumped into weifernn's parents and this is the time where we have to bid her anyway we continued our search for the statue man when my sis told me that she wanted to find sl so we followed her and again we were running when other people were watching the fireworks haihshaihshaihshaihs i was pretty dissapointed on that part though ...i really wanted to watch the fireworks badly as it was sooo awesome last year but for some reason my sis kept running and we have to follow her so *LONG SIGH!!!.....around 10sth like that jackson told us that he needs to meet up with his parents so me and my sis continued searching for the long-lost sl and at the same time we were checking out stalls and yea..we managed to find her standing not far away from the yakult booth...*mission accomplished.. the three of us continued walking around explanande while searching for food when sl told us that dx may not be coming as dx's car broke down along the *disaster again...haihs..but in the end dx called up and told us that she 's arriving soon but it was pretty late that time and our parents are already waiting for us so we went back first...and all of a sudden my dad called me and my sis and told us that the traffic's terrible so he asked us to walk to our cousins house UGH!!!*my legs 're already half dead d and i still have to walk to my cousins house which is in haihs we have no choice la....finally we reached our destination...chit chatted abit with them before we headed home where i can finally rest y feet...

my and jackson

weifernn me and my sis...*ps she's not a japanese she's just a malaysian wearing a kimono

*note the pics may be abit blur onwards as we're using my sis and sl's hp camera instead of jackson's awesome camera

me and sl

me and long lost partner ~!and im finally taller than her...*im so proud of myself:P

me sl and my sis

alright...thats all for now...signing off till the byebye and take care.....:)


Friday, July 10, 2009

jayme's bday!!!

ytd's jayme's aka fuckface,twiface,genuis,KNS,pigface *wateva name i've given to her bDAY!!!!woke up pretty early today eventhough i have no college today..y?cuz i have a nightmare plus my dog's barking wont let me continue sleeping so i sms-ed my sis and she asked me to i dragged my feet to the computer like a zombie and onlined... signed in my msn and jayme's online too!!!so she called me thru msn and we talked for the whole day basically talking bout nonsense la. and oh yea we even meetoto-ed together manatau jayme's new pc ada masalah so i ended up singing alone thr la....when it's almost four i went to get ready and bla bla bla.....reached gurney at almost we have another 3 hours to redbox-ing together nie!!well luckily the receptionist din not give us room18 instead she gave us room 57 so yea..*phew..we're we entered the room and wrote a message on jayme's card becuz i was unable to write it when the present's with my sis since morning so me and dx have to write it on the spot la*paiseh a jayme..hehe.. sing sing sing sing sing sing sing sing with our so-called angelic voice till 7 30 then we headed to mcdonald to have our dinner...and oh yea i havent had mcdonald for ages eversince my dad went for his heart surgery~~so yesh!!one bite of the burger's like heaven on earth~~chitchatted thr..bla bla bla then after that went for a walk in gurney.....and we came across this xpax thing where they are promoting an mtv concert which is to be held in sunway we stood thr watching those little kids tyring to immatate some famous punk-rock bands like linkin park and simple plan....bla bla blah.....when it's getting late,jayme followed her sis home while dx drove me and my sis back to our house....this time she's lucky cuz she drove back alone without the name slyvia ganush spinning in her head...muahahaha!!!!!haihs..reali missed those days where we're fooling around in school with the british accent etc...fuckface!!!u will be missed~~~lotsa XOXO

the bday girl!!!!finally a perfect shot...trying to get her pic with me together but failed a couple of times due to the following reasons: too short
2.she's too tall photography skills sux??i dunno...

my twin

should i mosaic this pic??no need d la :P

cool huh??hahahaha!!!!!

lamechops!!!!oi genuis a..u betta take gud care of lamechops!!!

tats all for now...signing off till then...take care and byebye...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ice age 3

well finally i have time to update my blog ....have been very busy lately and thr's lotsa catch-ups to do !!!!anyway..moving on....went to watch ice age 3 that day with my sis and all started like this,as usual la....woke up,had lunch downstairs and when i was glued to the tv d (the guy was goin to break up with the lady d!!!)then all of a sudden my phone vibrated and i was like wth la??kacaunya!!!then i read the sms and it's from my sis she told me that jackson and lean are coming to pick me up now.....ish~!she's always like this never inform me one day earlier or one hour again i have to rush like a mad person. have a quick shower and blah blah blah...and surprisingly i got myself ready within 15 mins like tat?now thats a record!!!! they came after a few mins bla bla bla..chit chatted abit, trying to get lean's hair straightened before the four of us headed to sis and i sat jackson's car while lean drove by herself and this's wat happened.....the three of us drove pass leann's car and we tot that she was goin to the wrong direction...manatau when we reached qb jackson told us that lean's not coming and as usual la..i tot he was pulling our leg....since in the car he's already tat siao d so i tot maybe it's another prank la..manatau...its true!!lean's not coming cuz she has a test tmr and her dad needs her to the 3 of us went to watch ice age ...and the movie's awesome man !!!!lthr's some new characters added in the movie such as mama dino,buck and blah blah blah.....and when the movie ended,the three of us went windows shopping in qb while waiting for my dad to arrive..and guess wat!!!we ran into the world's tallest man!!!well not exactly la..he's not the world tallest aso...but maybe he will be a big help to malaysia's basketball team ??....and it costs us ef-fing rm10 just to snap a pic with him???i could rather not pay for it...but doesn't it sounds a bit mean??it's like someone's taking him as a thing to earn money ??well it's a different story if he volunteers by himself to do that kinda job....anyway moving dad arrived at qb at around..*cant remember the time *and then we went back....end of story....

the hair dresser and the customer???haha!!!!


and not forgetting.....*drum rolling
the Awesomeness aka jackson teoh

alright thats all for now..signing off till then byebye n take care....

Monday, June 29, 2009


just came back from gurney~~and guess what..i've finally get to watch 17 again....well at first we wanna go redbox-ing but the price was pretty expensive!!well ..actually it's only dx and sl that wanted to go red box-ing,but because of me they abolished the whole plan...thnx guys for being so considerate..i know i may be hot tempered sometimes ....^^*my sincere apology we decided to catch a movie..well at first we wanna watch transformers but too bad la..the movie is at 9pm..ish~!the last time we wanna watch time,ticket sold out now salah timing pulak...wth?!!no chance at all!!!ish~!.....alright,moving we decided to watch 17 again...and gosh...zac efron is so effing hot ~!!!wah~!the three of us were 'drooling'throughout the movie..he's just simply gorgeous!!!alright then..i have to do my own stuff anyways....signing off till then take care and byebye....zacefronzacefronzacefronzacefronzacefronzacefronzacefronzacefron....
shit obsessed with zac efron nw d la...should not have watched the movie..looks like someone is goin to knock off kim hyun joong and david archuleta...:P

Saturday, June 27, 2009


2nd semester of college...well as usual,ntg much just introduced us to our new lecturers bla bla blah...well thr'r are goin to be 5 lecturers teaching us altogether for this semester unlike last semester where we only have 3 lecturers for 5 subjects....haha!... im quite satisfied with every lecturer.. the way how they introduced themselvess and a summary of what they are goin to teach us...except for one.....oh yea.and im not the only one that is dissatisfied with her teachings,alot of people too!!!well...we cant put the blame on her,i guess she's new to the college and is actually quite young...maybe she needs some teaching experience that's all...she's the reason why everyone wants to transfer to sentral to take their t7...i told my dad this and he told me that girl,it's up to you to decide whether u want to take ur t7 in sentral and t6,t9,and t10 in PTPL....its up to you...but daddy can only tell you that you cant depend everything on the lecturers,they are thr just to guide you only.....i guess he's right afterall but you also need good lecturers to guide you...if not why is everyone transfering to sunway for their acca level?the answer is simple cuz the lecturers thr are good!i may wanna do that too when i reach my acca a few minutes before our college ended,my college fren kept bugging me bout joining them for badminton and this is what happened
weilun:eh kenot la..not enuff people...pull carrie in la
teoh:carrie ,come lets go for badminton
carrie;dun wan la....i dunno how to play aso u all go la
teoh:dunno nvm..go thr and learn
carrie:aiya...told you how many times d matter how many times i learn,i still cant get it wan la...
teoh:nvm la..i teach you la..
carrie:dun wan..if ur goin to teach me..u will surely be pekchek wan..dunwan!!call majie or dehxin la
teoh:kenot majie's working later
carrie:dehxin la....
turn his head and ask dehxin...
teoh:dehxin come lets go for badminton goin to korea later....
teoh:dehxin 's goin to korea later
carrie:yea im following her aso...
teoh:ish~!nvm..go and play badminton!
carrie:I SAID I DUNNO HOW TO PLAY!!i will go thr and pick up the shuttle cocks nie la
teoh:go and learn la...takkan u dunno a job then u give up and be jobless forever meh?
carrie:job and badminton are two different things la...badminton is not essential for life aso....
but in the end dx an i followed them to YMCA...

while the guys are playing badminton ,me dx and a 2 of our college frens headed downstairs to have our lunch in cafe 747

it was abit boring,seeing the guys playing badminton while the girls just sat thr talking away and it's freaking hot we decided to go home ealy...while the guys continue doing the things they are supposed to do
when i reached mum was busy clearing the house..why???CUZ MY BRO IS COMING BACK TODAY~!..yay!!!!!cant wait for him's like i havent seen him for ages..but infact it's only three months....finally he's back to pull my hair and snatch my blue rabbit away from me...i really missed those days when he's not when me and my sis were watchin ANTM ,we heard a door bell and guess who's it??!!!it's my bro!!!me and my sis were so excited and shouted mummy!!daddy!!coco's back d!!!my dog was barking and wagging his tail like a mad dog..haha!!everyone was overwhelmed with his comeback!!!!we chitchatted alot with his gf and him in the living room and showed him some changes in the house while he was away in's reali great having him back but unfortunately he's goin to leave for KL again this sunday...haihs...not again..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

tagged by kimdoggi

Alright this will be the last time im doing tags..cuz i dun reali like doing tags cuz it's like displaying my privacy in public and im too lazy to think of an answer 4 the questions..anyway i'll finish this tag up for dx yay!!!(see im soo gud la wei)
1.My Name
carrie teoh phaik li
2.My Birthday
12 november 1991
3.Who tagged you
4.Name 5 best friends :err...u know who u are
5.What do you wished for birthday :erm...secret la wei
6.Happy things that happened recently :My bro is coming back today at 7pm..yay!!cant wait to smack him~!
7.Most stressed about recently : how long will i take to complete my ACCA
8.What is your dream about future :having a good life
9.Do you have someone you like : i dunno...
10.Will you visit your ex-teacher in a classmate gathering :depends on how close tat teacher is to me..
11.Most happy to hang out with : friends,family ,and my dog?
12.If two of your friends are having conflicts :i will just stand there and enjoy the show..HOHO!!!!kiddin la...well,if know wats is happening then i will try my best to help but if thr's nth got to do with me then of course i will back off cuz i dun wanna make the situation worst...
13.Where is preferably the place to go with your lover : i will decide that when i have one
14.What to do in Christmas :recieve lotsa lotsa presents~!
15.Who do you want to celebrate Christmas with :frens and families
16.Bad habit on waking up early in the morning : having the tendency to sleep again
17.How many siblings do you have : 2 and one more(my baby brother-mr pekinese~!)
18.Favourite song(Female) : hoedown throwdown by mileycyrus
19.Favourite song(Male) : a song calling for you by ss501
20.Favourite Colour :i dunno....
21.Flush before using the toilets? : wth???depends on the situation la...
22.Love me not? : dun ask me whether i love you
23.Affectionate to guys or girls
24.What do you want to shout out loudly :AHHH!!
25.Do you dare to go toilets alone in the middle of the night? : if it's my own house then yes...but elsewhere no..
26.Will you take off your undies in while in the WC : im so not gonna do tags ever again
27.Who’s the bastard : the person who creates this question..i dun think anyone will be stupid enuff to tell people their bastards in public....
28.What’s the current affection : h1n1?haha
29.Ugly when asleep: how am i suppose to know unless i record my ownself sleeping!!
30.Whats the time now : 6.25pm?
32.Weight :i dunno...have not been on the weighing scale eversince i graduated from secondary
33.Weather today : sunny
34.Are you pregnant :no...even if i am...i wont announce that in's private!!!
35.What will you do if you win a lottery : save but i dont think i will get myself involve in playing lottery..
36.An activity that must be done while in the Uni -life :i dunno...graduate
?People Tagged?
*note the blogger does not tag anyone in her list so she will be excused for not answering the rest of the question..
........................................................THE END...............................................................................................